Caravaning Across New Zealand

There’s nothing that can keep an extended family close like a big family reunion. You can even make the entire reunion into a larger than life vacation to keep the younger members of the family interested. It’s a good idea to visit a country that offers a nice balance of entertainment and historically relevant attractions. One such country is the island nation of New Zealand, one of the few places that has both skiing and flawless beaches to explore. What’s more, with the low rate caravan loans available today, it’s easier than every to travel cross-country in a motorhome of your own.

What is a Caravan

A caravan is a straight line of vehicles traveling to a single destination. Doing this allows a large of entourage of people to travel in unison. This is an excellent idea for a family or just a collection of long time friends, because riding from one tourist attraction to the next gives everyone an opportunity to catch up on old times. This is especially true for growing families, because siblings and cousins may not have seen each other since the last family reunion. It’s possible to caravan in traditional vehicles, but it’s best to rent a few recreational vehicles so everyone can really stretch out and the little ones can get to know each other. You can also save money on hotels by renting RV’s, because most of them will comfortably sleep several people.

Different Types of Recreational Vehicles

Most people think renting RV’s is extremely expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are full sized RV’s that don’t require another vehicle, because they have their own engines. These are more expensive to rent, and they may require a special license to be driven. There are also trailers that are functionally equivalent to the larger RV’s, but they’re less expensive to rent. Some of the more advanced models even feature full kitchens, but they all have beds and enough room for people to move around as the truck that tows them is driven. Most of the family reunion will be spent outside the vehicles, enjoying the many attractions that New Zealand has to offer. However the RV’s give everyone a chance to bond while traveling from spot to spot.

A Little About New Zealand

The first thing you need to know about New Zealand is the unique layout of the country. This land down under is actually divided into two parts, the north and south island. The south island is more culturally oriented while the north island is more entertaining. The city of Auckland is located on the north island and it’s home to more than 1.4 million people. If your family is going to caravan across New Zealand, it’s probably best to choose the north island. There are simply more children friendly attractions to visit here. However, the south island is also an excellent choice because there are a number of zoos and animal enclosures which children will love.

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One of the benefits of caravanning with RV’s is the opportunity to switch drivers and passengers. This way everyone gets to spend some time around every other member of the entourage. If and when you choose to travel across the North or South island, driving cross country in a motorhome bought with the help of a broker like caravan finance geelong can be one of the most unique vacations you’ve ever had.